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JULY 20 | 7-10PM


1200 West 35th St. Chicago, IL

Please join me at the Bridgeport Art Center on July 20, 7-10pm for this
group sculpture exhibition featuring my bronze works, as well as the
gorgeous works of talented, Illinois-based artists:


- Lollie Bennish

- John Denis

- Donna Hapac 

- Yvette Kaiser Smith

- Robert Krawczyck

- Jay Strommen


I am honored for the opportunity to showcase this selection of sculptures from my current and ongoing body of work. This series continues my exploration of self reflection through intuitive manipulation of form, rooted in the human body and architecture. 
Allow me to share it with you. 

Chicago Industrial was born in 2012, six years after my art practice compelled me to form my fine art bronze casting company. As any entrepreneur knows, the first several years of business are hard won. If you love it, you give it everything you have. After six years of focusing on building a professional foundation, my frustration towards not making time for my personal art and expression exploded into this 12' x 15' x 10' cast aluminum symbol of unrelenting will. It was my mental break from the notion that "maybe I don't make art anymore."


Now it will be landing outside the Bridgeport Art Center in time for my exhibition, reminding me to never stop striving for ideals. 

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